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No Plays Today
12:03:13 AM| 7/11/2019
By Jim Brown | We may be coming to the end of the road.
Trade Truce Produces Market Highs
11:57:18 PM| 7/3/2019
By Jim Brown | The high-profile meeting at the G20 led to a mutual agreement to restart talks at least on the surface.
Heavyweight Fight Ahead
1:29:08 AM| 6/27/2019
By Jim Brown | The G20 meeting on Saturday between Xi and Trump could be a knockout for the market.
Not Yet
12:10:06 AM| 6/20/2019
By Jim Brown | We have a week to go before the G20 meeting with the China talks taking center stage
What A Difference
1:13:35 AM| 6/13/2019
By Jim Brown | What a difference a week makes.
One Tweet
12:50:21 AM| 6/6/2019
By Jim Brown | We are always just one tweet away from a market rally or a market crash.
Pause to Refresh
5:08:55 PM| 5/29/2019
By Jim Brown | With the markets already down sharply for the week the futures are indicating a minor rebound for Thursday.
Repeat Performance
11:08:28 PM| 5/22/2019
By Jim Brown | Last Wednesday evening the S&P futures were down -13 on negative headlines.
10:49:02 PM| 5/15/2019
By Jim Brown | When markets decline sharply analysts always find an excuse that fits their bias.
Market Top
10:53:26 PM| 5/8/2019
By Jim Brown | For the last several weeks the market has looked toppy and that top finally appeared.
Still Toppy
12:16:22 AM| 5/2/2019
By Jim Brown | Last week uncertainty was rampant and neither side was showing any conviction.
11:37:46 PM| 4/24/2019
By Jim Brown | With the S&P and Nasdaq testing new highs, there is still a lot of indecision.
Choppy Market
1:53:52 AM| 3/29/2019
By Jim Brown | Market sentiment seems to be eroding despite being 4% from record highs.
Flight Turbulence
1:09:16 AM| 3/22/2019
By Jim Brown | The market continues to suffer from turbulence in Boeing shares.
Wall of Worry
2:46:55 AM| 3/15/2019
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq recovered from the prior week's losses to close at a five-month high.
Crying Time Again
11:24:55 PM| 3/7/2019
By Jim Brown | Investors flush with cash after ten weeks of gains are facing a new reality.
No News Selling
11:49:09 PM| 3/5/2019
By Jim Brown | With everyone on pins and needles waiting for trade news, the lack of news is damaging.
Late Month Weakness
11:33:39 PM| 2/28/2019
By Jim Brown | Despite positive news on the China trade talks, the indexes have been weak.
Waiting on China
7:01:30 PM| 2/19/2019
By Jim Brown | The markets traded sideways on Tuesday as investors wait for news on China trade talks.
Sell the News
12:16:41 AM| 2/15/2019
By Jim Brown | Multiple headlines were making waves on Thursday as traders sold the news.
Volatility May Return
10:17:30 PM| 2/10/2019
By Jim Brown | As we approach expiration Friday, volatility may increase
Trade Tantrum
11:36:55 PM| 2/7/2019
By Jim Brown | News of no trade meeting with President Xi soured market sentiment.
Buying Bad News
12:33:49 AM| 2/1/2019
By Jim Brown | Investors are buying bad news as well as good news.
So Far, So Good
12:52:36 AM| 1/18/2019
By Jim Brown | The 3-week rally has turned into 4-weeks and investors are still buying the dip.
The Bull is Back
11:30:20 PM| 1/10/2019
By Jim Brown | The fallout from Apple's earnings warning is long past and bad news is being ignored.
Black Swan
11:02:30 PM| 1/3/2019
By Jim Brown | The combination of Apple's earnings warning and the two-year low in the Manufacturing ISM was a Black Swan event for the market.
Trend Change?
11:50:37 PM| 1/1/2019
By Jim Brown | After two days of better than 800-point closing rallies, the trend may have changed.

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