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Tick Tock
11:43:48 PM| 12/27/2017
By Jim Brown | The markets are crawling slowly sideways as we head into year-end.
Just Passing Time
1:09:42 AM| 12/21/2017
By Jim Brown | The markets have slowed their long lasting rally as investors wait for December 31st.
Dow Divergence
2:35:10 AM| 12/14/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow is making new highs but the other indexes are not following the leader.
Tax Penalty
2:00:16 AM| 12/7/2017
By Jim Brown | The market is paying the penalty for negative changed to the tax rules.
Massive Divergence
1:25:05 AM| 11/30/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow and Nasdaq went in opposite directions and each with a triple digit move
Trade Alert
11:48:42 PM| 11/27/2017
By Jim Brown | Change in earnings date for Autodesk. Exit the position.
Turkey Time
1:36:12 AM| 11/23/2017
By Jim Brown | The markets are taking a day off this week after a booming start.
Time for a Rebound
1:38:21 AM| 11/16/2017
By Jim Brown | After opening down for six consecutive days it is time for a short squeeze.
Momentum Missing
12:46:01 AM| 11/9/2017
By Jim Brown | The major big caps indexes are struggling to post anything but minor gains.
Sell the News?
2:14:32 AM| 11/2/2017
By Jim Brown | The first draft of the tax reform proposal is due out on Thursday.
Market is Not Indestructible
12:17:31 AM| 10/26/2017
By Jim Brown | A long awaited bout of profit taking hit on Wednesday and it may not be over.
7:44:37 PM| 10/19/2017
By Jim Brown | There was a strike error in the Wednesday newsletter.
IBM Rally
11:40:40 PM| 10/18/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow was up on the strength of IBM and Goldman but the rest of the market was flat.
Reluctant Rally
10:52:35 PM| 10/11/2017
By Jim Brown | The indexes were positive on Wednesday but there was no excitement
The Trend is Your Friend
11:45:40 PM| 10/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The current trend is bullish but the minor gains on Wednesday could mean there is a trend change ahead.
Surprise, Surprise!
11:22:36 PM| 9/27/2017
By Jim Brown | The Russell 2000 exploded higher with a 28-point gain to a big new high.
So Far, So Good
11:02:46 PM| 9/20/2017
By Jim Brown | September has been kind to traders and only 7 trading days left.
Step by Step
12:22:34 AM| 9/14/2017
By Jim Brown | The major indexes are creeping higher step by step.
Let the Volatility Begin
10:56:06 PM| 9/6/2017
By Jim Brown | September is the normally most volatile month of the year.
Never Say Never
12:33:40 AM| 8/31/2017
By Jim Brown | Late August is not known for market rallies.
Brinksmanship has Begun
9:01:00 PM| 8/23/2017
By Jim Brown | The political brinksmanship has begun surrounding the budget and debt ceiling passage
Shrinking Breadth
1:59:15 AM| 8/21/2017
By Jim Brown | The overall market breadth is shrinking across all the major markets.
A Fact worth Remembering
8:23:40 PM| 8/16/2017
By Jim Brown | Grandkids can be hazardous to your health.
Welcome to August
1:31:19 AM| 8/10/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow ended its streak of gains and the major indexes retreated to support.
Time Growing Short
12:49:50 AM| 8/3/2017
By Jim Brown | The typical August/September weakness normally begins next week.
One Step Forward, Two Back
2:24:38 AM| 7/27/2017
By Jim Brown | The market indexes are trying to move higher but there is a battle in progress.
Let the Price Chasing Begin
1:56:23 AM| 7/20/2017
By Jim Brown | With all the major indexes breaking out to new highs, shorts should be running to the exits.
Tough Week
10:53:32 PM| 7/12/2017
By Jim Brown | Volatility swings interspersed with dormant markets cause broken charts.
What Next?
10:59:29 PM| 7/5/2017
By Jim Brown | The Dow and Nasdaq are seeing increased volatility and no trend.
Volatility Returned
12:08:43 AM| 6/29/2017
By Jim Brown | Market volatility returned but it did not show up in the VIX.
Boring is Sometimes Good
12:27:03 AM| 6/22/2017
By Jim Brown | After two weeks of market gyrations is is good to have a week with no headlines.
Broken Charts
1:54:35 AM| 6/15/2017
By Jim Brown | The market rebound lasted about two days and has begun to fade for a variety of reasons.
Optimistic Outlook
12:02:41 AM| 6/8/2017
By Jim Brown | The worry over the trio of events scheduled for Thursday is slowly evaporating.
Buy the Dip
2:46:13 AM| 6/1/2017
By Jim Brown | Traders are waiting patiently to buy the dip, but there are no material dips.
Losses Erased
2:56:03 AM| 5/25/2017
By Jim Brown | The selloff last Wednesday was a one-day wonder and the losses have been erased.
One-Day Wonder?
2:34:13 AM| 5/18/2017
By Jim Brown | The panic selling on Wednesday was more than likely a one-day event.
Record Volatility
12:50:43 AM| 5/11/2017
By Jim Brown | The Volatility Index closed at a 24-year low on Monday at 9.77.
Risk Fading
12:25:44 AM| 5/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The event risk for the coming weekend is slowly fading.
Earnings Minefield
12:40:11 AM| 4/27/2017
By Jim Brown | Despite the bullish markets it is very difficult to find spreadable candidates because of the earnings calendar.
Return of Volatility
12:38:08 AM| 4/20/2017
By Jim Brown | Market volatility is rising as geopolitical events, political events and earnings events combine to roil the market.
Volatility Ahead
12:33:28 AM| 4/13/2017
By Jim Brown | The Volatility Index closed at a 5-month high and it may not be done yet.
Beware the Unexpected
11:51:22 PM| 4/5/2017
By Jim Brown | The unexpected events are always the ones that cause the most market damage.
Nasdaq Found Help
1:15:31 AM| 3/30/2017
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq has been leading the markets higher but it was a rough week until they found help.
That was Quick
12:42:35 AM| 3/23/2017
By Jim Brown | Last Wednesday we were celebrating the Fed decision and the "gradual" guidance with the markets testing new highs.
Let the Good Times Roll
2:50:36 AM| 3/16/2017
By Jim Brown | Traders are no longer worried about the Fed after Janet Yellen repeated her dovish stance and the outlook was still gradual.
What a Difference a Week Makes
2:26:44 AM| 3/9/2017
By Jim Brown | Last Wednesday the market was soaring to record highs after the president's speech, this Wednesday they have erased all those gains.
That Was Different
12:32:16 AM| 3/2/2017
By Jim Brown | The market posted the biggest gain since the election with the Dow adding more than 300 points.
Trend Change Ahead?
10:57:49 PM| 2/22/2017
By Jim Brown | I seriously doubt anyone believes the current rally will continue unbroken for the next several weeks.
Trend is Your Friend
2:32:19 AM| 2/16/2017
By Jim Brown | The trend is your friend until it ends and investors are acting like this one has a long way to go.
Stealth Rally
12:25:16 AM| 2/9/2017
By Jim Brown | After weeks of seeing the indexes move sideways there is actually a minor upside bias.
Becoming Routine
11:26:30 PM| 2/1/2017
By Jim Brown | The overnight drop in the S&P futures is becoming so routine the VIX barely reacts.
Volatility Leak
1:16:20 AM| 1/27/2017
By Jim Brown | The market has a serious volatility leak with the VIX at record lows.
Physically Challenged
11:12:32 PM| 1/25/2017
By Jim Brown | This only happens about once every year or so.
Directionally Challenged
10:06:17 PM| 1/18/2017
By Jim Brown | The major indexes are dormant and lack any clear signs of direction.
This Time It Is Different
11:42:40 PM| 1/11/2017
By Jim Brown | Those are the most dangerous five words in trading.
Market Confusion
10:39:51 PM| 1/4/2017
By Jim Brown | The market weakness from last week failed to carry over into 2017. The bears are perplexed.
Cracks Appearing
12:35:10 AM| 1/1/2017
By Jim Brown | The previously indestructible market is starting to show some cracks as 2017 approaches.

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