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Cracks Appearing
12:35:10 AM| 12/29/2016
By Jim Brown | The previously indestructible market is starting to show some cracks as 2017 approaches.
Nerves of Steel
8:54:28 PM| 12/21/2016
By Jim Brown | Selling option premium in this market requires nerves of steel
Buckle Your Seatbelt
10:38:25 PM| 12/14/2016
By Jim Brown | The next four weeks could be a roller coaster of activity
Market Madness
11:47:05 PM| 12/7/2016
By Jim Brown | The Nasdaq crash the prior week caused significant grief and it still refuses to make a new high.
Pause to Refresh
1:58:52 AM| 11/29/2016
By Jim Brown | The markets paused for some light profit taking on Monday but the trend should remain positive.
Happy Thanksgiving
7:14:43 PM| 11/23/2016
By Jim Brown | The market rally over the last two weeks has made Thanksgiving especially happy for investors.
What Next?
11:49:22 PM| 11/16/2016
By Jim Brown | Last Wednesday was a wild day followed by a week of gains. Today was a mixed market that could be followed by a week of consolidation.
Volatility is Not Over
12:39:24 AM| 11/10/2016
By Jim Brown | Just because the Dow futures rebounded +1,221 points on Wednesday does not guarantee a bullish market.
Step Back From the Ledge
10:22:00 PM| 11/2/2016
By Jim Brown | The volatility may be driving you crazy but there is no reason to commit suicide. Step away from the ledge.
Uncertainty Increasing
12:01:52 AM| 10/27/2016
By Jim Brown | The markets are wandering aimlessly with slight downside bias as we wait for the end of October and the election results.
No Trend Yet
11:56:28 PM| 10/19/2016
By Jim Brown | The markets have not yet picked a clear direction but they have posted two consecutive days of gains.
Disaster Struck
10:24:49 PM| 10/12/2016
By Jim Brown | Sometimes disaster strikes because you are standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.
High Risk Environment
10:41:34 PM| 10/5/2016
By Jim Brown | The market continues to alternate between gains and losses and the indexes are trapped in a very tight range.
No Premium Available
10:48:38 PM| 9/28/2016
By Jim Brown | The daily market reversals have erased the available premiums for October.
Fed Blessing
10:34:17 PM| 9/21/2016
By Jim Brown | The Fed failed to hike rates and by doing so they removed the roadblocks to a further rally.
Traders Panic
1:56:20 AM| 9/15/2016
By Jim Brown | The bullish bias from the prior week collapsed in a spectacular fashion.
Bullish Bias
1:10:19 AM| 9/8/2016
By Jim Brown | The market currently has a bullish bias but it is still struggling.
Coiled and Ready
2:25:57 AM| 9/1/2016
By Jim Brown | The indexes have compressed their gains in a multi-week consolidation pattern and a breakout/breakdown is imminent.
Don't Fight the Fed
12:14:22 AM| 8/25/2016
By Jim Brown | The market rested on Wednesday ahead of Yellen's speech on Friday.
99 Lives
1:07:41 AM| 8/18/2016
By Jim Brown | The most hated bull market ever, continues to be reborn daily.
Still Going and Going
12:49:37 AM| 8/11/2016
By Jim Brown | Like the Energizer Bunny, the market keeps going and going.
Traders Refuse to Sell
12:49:35 AM| 8/4/2016
By Jim Brown | After Tuesday's drop, the market had a good chance to continue its decline but squeezed out a rally instead.
Volatility Still Near Zero
10:37:11 PM| 7/27/2016
By Jim Brown | The VIX is holding at 12 and the VXX at 10.75 and a record low close.
Near Record Low Volatility
9:46:45 PM| 7/20/2016
By Jim Brown | The VIX closed at 11.77 and the VXX at 11.15 and a record low close
Mission Impossible
12:45:29 AM| 7/14/2016
By Jim Brown | The volatile market and the impending earnings cycle significantly complicate the task of finding profitable positions.
Interesting Week
11:46:40 PM| 7/6/2016
By Jim Brown | We do not get many weeks where the Dow drops 900 points and regains those points in a span of five days.
Buckle Your Seatbelts
12:37:00 AM| 6/30/2016
By Jim Brown | The Volatility Index may be heading back to the lows but market volatility has kicked into high gear.
Brexit Volatility Ahead
10:19:26 PM| 6/22/2016
By Jim Brown | Thursday is the big day for the UK. The long awaited vote will occur and the global markets will go crazy on Friday.
Let the Excitement Begin
1:07:26 AM| 6/16/2016
By Jim Brown | The Fed decision is behind us and the markets are tanking with the Brexit still five trading days away.
Just 12 Points
10:24:27 PM| 6/8/2016
By Jim Brown | The S&P closed at 2,119 and only 12 points away from a new closing high in a very low volume session.
2% from New Highs
11:52:10 PM| 6/1/2016
By Jim Brown | The S&P closed at 2,099 again and less than 2% away from a new high at 2,132. However, option premiums suggest nobody believes it will happen.
Trend Change
11:31:26 PM| 5/25/2016
By Jim Brown | The markets finally decided to rally and in the low volume environment, the results were dramatic.
Tough Week
11:48:41 PM| 5/18/2016
By Jim Brown | Volatility is increasing as we near expiration and the end of the Sell in May cycle just one week from now.
Volatility Has Returned
11:23:48 PM| 5/11/2016
By Jim Brown | Back to back triple digit moves in opposite directions always seems to get traders attention.
Has a Trend Appeared?
9:44:56 PM| 5/4/2016
By Jim Brown | The indexes have declined for four of the last five days but it may be too soon to count out the bulls.
Walking a Tightrope
10:30:24 PM| 4/27/2016
By Jim Brown | The indexes cannot decide if they want to go up or down and we are walking a thin line between resistance and support.
Earnings in Full Swing
9:41:11 PM| 4/20/2016
By Jim Brown | The Q1 earnings cycle is in full swing with the bluest of the blue chips reporting this week
Worst Week in the Quarter
11:30:48 PM| 4/13/2016
By Jim Brown | The week before the earnings cycle kicks into high gear is the worst week of the quarter for selling premium.
Bulls in Charge
10:01:35 PM| 4/6/2016
By Jim Brown | This is probably only temporary but the bulls bought the dip and the major indexes are moving back towards resistance.
Fork in the Road
11:12:32 PM| 3/30/2016
By Jim Brown | The markets finally reached the beginning of very strong resistance after a week of the lightest volume of the year. Now that we have reached the top, the battle for direction begins.
Conviction Test
10:16:53 PM| 3/23/2016
By Jim Brown | Wednesday's decline was a test of conviction for the bulls. After five-weeks of gains it was time for some profit taking.
Fed Blesses Markets
12:40:15 AM| 3/17/2016
By Jim Brown | Janet Yellen did her best to avoid making a Mario Draghi error in communication and she did a good job.
ECB Angst
9:55:38 PM| 3/9/2016
By Jim Brown | Markets were lackluster on Wednesday as traders cleaned up positions ahead of the ECB decision on Thursday. Profits were taken and shorts were covered.
Finally a Real Rally
11:31:47 PM| 3/2/2016
By Jim Brown | The market does not have to go up and down on alternate days. It can actually go up more than one day at a time.
February Rally?
1:02:19 AM| 2/25/2016
By Jim Brown | Yes, it is possible to end February with a rally. It is even more likely because the middle of the month was so negative.
Volatility Fading
1:03:42 AM| 2/18/2016
By Jim Brown | A three-day short squeeze has done wonders for reducing the volatility. However, we have to wonder how much longer this squeeze can continue.
Global Malaise
6:56:58 AM| 2/10/2016
By Jim Brown | Asian markets are down 2% to 4% again on Wednesday and China is not even open this week.
When will the Volatility End?
2:04:29 AM| 2/4/2016
By Jim Brown | Wednesday was another day of extreme volatility with the Dow down -198 at the open only to rebound to +220 just before the close.
Another Fun Day
1:23:10 AM| 1/28/2016
By Jim Brown | If it were not for the volatility, trading would be boring. I could use some boring once in a while.
9:09:49 PM| 1/20/2016
By Jim Brown | I really enjoyed updating the newsletter today. Despite the extreme volatility, all of our current positions are performing well.
Ready to Rumble?
12:09:14 AM| 1/19/2016
By Jim Brown | Option expiration is behind us and China's economics were neutral. China's markets are positive and oil even found a bid. Is the craziness behind us?
Are We There Yet?
11:09:48 PM| 1/11/2016
By Jim Brown | Traders want to know if we have reached a bottom after the Dow and S&P actually finished with a gain on Monday.
Closing Long Positions
1:49:35 AM| 1/8/2016
By Jim Brown | The market is setting up for a rebound on Friday after the Shanghai Composite gained +3% intraday.
Be Careful What You Wish For
10:03:26 PM| 1/4/2016
By Jim Brown | Last week I mentioned that there were only 4 more days until 2016 and the potential for a better market. Oops!
Just Four More Days
9:41:19 PM| 1/2/2016
By Jim Brown | Just four trading days until 2016 and hopefully a market direction will appear. Santa is missing in action but fund managers may fill in for him this week.

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